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Aug 30 2012

Help Feed Arkansas Kids Kickoff The School Year Strong

Join us for the Feed Arkansas Kids' Kickoff Events at Larry's Pizza Oct. 2 - 5-9PM

Join us for the Feed Arkansas Kids' Kickoff Events at Larry's Pizza October 2nd 5-9PM...
Just click the audio file below to listen to Mark discuss Feed Arkansas Kids! This interview was recorded over the weekend.

Feed Arkansas Kids is a grassroots organization committed to supporting homeless, hungry and poverty-stricken children across Central Arkansas!  A  special thanks to Chelsea and Marian for their messages of support!

Chelsea Miller: "I am supporting this cause because I know how it feels to be a child and not having any food for so long that just the thought of food makes you sick to your stomach. Not a good feeling but this is a great cause."

Marian Snortland: "I am Participating because I know how I feel, act and think when i go too long without eating. Children feel better, act better and think better when they eat on a regular basis, too. We are all human."

If you'd like to join us, you can:

Sign up for our email updates here.

And you can donate in the amount you can afford here.  ($6 helps feed a child for a weekend and $25 for a month!)

Please be sure to tune in!  If you miss his interview, please check back here.  We will post the audio later in the day on Sunday.
Read why Mary Beth, Elliott and D are supporting our efforts to feed Central Arkansas' homeless and insecure children!