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Thank you to Mary Beth, Elliott and D for their testimonials in support of our efforts!

I've been participating in the delivery of the 'Backpacks for Kids" program for 3 or 4 yrs, can't remember & am so gald to be a part of it! To know that I am helping to supply kids w/food for their weekends who would otherwise go hungry brings me joy. I know this is part of God's plan & the kids know it to OR will know it. I pray hearts are open while stomachs are fed!” – Mary Beth Windom

"This is a wonderful program. We have a large number of students who may not have enough food at home and this program really helps out. I have had parents and students come and thank Forest Heights for helping them, but the real thanks goes to you and the Church at Rock Creek!!! Thank you so much!!!" - Elliott Johnson

Thank you for providing for our students. Not only am I grateful, but the students are very appreciative. One student express that she is thankful because the food that you provide helps to feed families and she just likes coming in to the office to get it because she likes that the school is helping out. Another student says he's glad to have food; and it's good too!! Once again, we really appreciate you and we are so thankful for your generous spirit… We appreciate our deliver as well for always being so kind!” - D McCollum

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