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Feed Arkansas Kids is a grassroots organization committed to supporting homeless, hungry and poverty-stricken children across Central Arkansas!  A  special thanks to Chelsea and Marian for their messages of support!

Chelsea Miller: "I am supporting this cause because I know how it feels to be a child and not having any food for so long that just the thought of food makes you sick to your stomach. Not a good feeling but this is a great cause."

Marian Snortland: "I am Participating because I know how I feel, act and think when i go too long without eating. Children feel better, act better and think better when they eat on a regular basis, too. We are all human."

If you'd like to join us, you can:

Sign up for our email updates here.

And you can donate in the amount you can afford here.  ($6 helps feed a child for a weekend and $25 for a month!)