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Generous donor offers to match $20,000!
When Feed Arkansas Kids got started we served only to children who qualified as homeless. These are children who lived with an extended family member or lived in a hotel, shelter or on the street. As the need has grown, we now also serve children who live in food insecure environments (poverty).
In 2007, Feed Arkansas Kids (formerly Backpacks 4 Kids) began serving 60 children. Now in 2017, it has grown to 1400 children.
Feed Arkansas Kids Chairman Mark Evans has a special message for you. Welcome to our website! We hope you will use this website as a resource to learn more about this wonderful organization and the positive impact it is having on Central Arkansas’ homeless, hungry and poverty-stricken children.

Feed Arkansas Kids is getting ready for the 2016-2017 school year. To start things off, an anonymous donor has offered a matching donation up to $20,000! Please consider making a donation today to help Feed Arkansas Kids reach this goal and ensure that the children of Central Arkansas have food to eat on the weekends.

Dear Neighbor,

Our organization had a record year of support, funding and most importantly: we are feeding more of our community's hungry children than ever before .

But as 2012 comes to a close we are still short of our fundraising goal, so please consider making a year-end gift to Feed Arkansas Kids. There are still too many children in Central Arkansas who need our help. We are feeding over 800 children every weekend but we have not reached our goal of feeding 2,000 children per weekend by the end of the school year.

Join me in my resolution to end hunger for our community's poverty-stricken children. Please make a generous gift before midnight and take advantage of the tax benefits of giving while helping feed children.

Thank you so much for your continued interest in Feed Arkansas Kids and happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

Feed Arkansas Kids needs your help do something incredible – before Christmas.

Through the generosity of anonymous supporters, $6,000 has been pledged to Feed Arkansas Kids if we can find 1,000 supporters who will give $6 or more to our efforts before Christmas.

With the $12,000 we can raise from this matching challenge, Feed Arkansas Kids can provide a weekend’s worth of meals to 2,000 children. This is an incredible opportunity and a way to help the hungry and homeless children in our community, but we must first reach our goal.

In just two weekends we’ve raised donations from 457 people but we are still 543 donors short of our goal. Can you help us get there? Make your donation of $6 or more here and then please challenge your friends to match you.

A hungry child is terrible. A hungry child at Christmas is a tragedy. Help us make a difference in the lives of 2,000 children today. Make your donation here.


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - In Tuesday's Hero Central, we took a look at a fundraising campaign that kicked off at Larry's Pizza to make sure kids don't go hungry.

Feed Arkansas Kids is a non-profit organization. They're providing backpacks full of food each weekend for kids whose only source of food is their free lunch program at school.

Sylvester Smith is with the organization and says the need is much great than the resources available. "We start this kickoff fundraising initiative to raise the resources so we can take care of every child who has a need here in central Arkansas," he says.

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Aug 30 2012

Help Feed Arkansas Kids Kickoff The School Year Strong

Join us for the Feed Arkansas Kids' Kickoff Events at Larry's Pizza Oct. 2 - 5-9PM

Join us for the Feed Arkansas Kids' Kickoff Events at Larry's Pizza October 2nd 5-9PM...

Feed Arkansas Kids is a grassroots organization committed to supporting homeless, hungry and poverty-stricken children across Central Arkansas!  A  special thanks to Chelsea and Marian for their messages of support!

Chelsea Miller: "I am supporting this cause because I know how it feels to be a child and not having any food for so long that just the thought of food makes you sick to your stomach. Not a good feeling but this is a great cause."

Marian Snortland: "I am Participating because I know how I feel, act and think when i go too long without eating. Children feel better, act better and think better when they eat on a regular basis, too. We are all human."

If you'd like to join us, you can:

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And you can donate in the amount you can afford here.  ($6 helps feed a child for a weekend and $25 for a month!)